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Sunday, 13 January 2019 19:05

Bloodberry | Rivina humilis

A perennial groundcover native to North America, growing to 30-80cm high with woody stems at the base and spreading branches that are softly downy when young. This plant has light green, thin leaves and white or greenish to rosy small flowers on slender racemes from October to June, or even all year and produces bright red berries. The leaves, roots and fruit and poisonous.

Evergreen shrub or tree growing up to 12m high, with slender branches and native to eastern Australia. It has smooth, grey bark and leaves which are up to 150mm long, thin, shiny and dark green. The flowers are white and fragrant, up to 13mm long with five downward curving petals; flowering from August-September. Fruits are showy, two-halved capsules up to 13mm in diameter, orange turning brown; seeds surrounded by a sticky pulp.

Sunday, 13 January 2019 18:30

Sweet hakea | Hakea drupacea

A dense spreading or erect shrub or tree up to 6m high. The leaves are smooth and up to 100mm long and form sharp-pointed needles 30-50mm long and are dark-green to grey-green in colour.There are 46–84 flowers, cream in colour and fragrant, forming elongated, axillary clusters up to 20mm long and flower from June to September. Seeds consist of woody capsules approximately 25mm long and 20mm wide.

Sunday, 13 January 2019 18:10

Pampas grass | Cortaderia selloana

A member of the grass family growing 2-4m in height and robust and evergreen. Leaf blades are up to 1,8cm long and 5-7cm wide. They are V-shaped in cross-section and bluish green in colour. The upper surface is smooth at the base, but the tips are bristly and curled. The leaf edges are rough and sharp. Flowers consists of dense, feathery, 1-1,2m tall panicles that are light violet to cream or silvery white. The roots can spread to 4m in diameter and 4m in depth.

Thursday, 10 January 2019 22:33

Balloon vine | Cardiospermum grandiflorum

A perennial, slightly woody subtropical climber which occurs naturally in tropical South America. Its climbing tendrils grow 3-5m or higher, often draping themselves over trees. The stems are usually covered with bristly hairs. Easily recognisable with its compound leaf, which has toothed, light green, thin textured, hairy leaflets. Flower stalks bearing small white flowers arise from the leaf axils of the plant. The fruit consists of a roughly spherical, balloon-like, thin-walled capsule about 60mm long, which contains several large black seeds.

Thursday, 10 January 2019 22:15

Tree of heaven | Ailanthus altissima

A fast growing deciduous tree from China can grow 20m or more. It has smooth stems with pale gray bark, and twigs which are light chestnut brown, especially in the dormant season. In late spring, clusters of small, yellow-green flowers appear near the tips of branches. Seeds are produced on female trees in late summer to early autumn. Fruits are papery, somewhat twisted, winged structures called samaras that are tan to pink-coloured.

Tuesday, 08 January 2019 19:03

Pepper tree wattle | Acacia elata

A large, oval shaped thornless evergreen tree 12-18m tall, native to Australia. Pale yellow or cream globular flower heads appear in panicles from October to December and trees produce 4-17cm long seed pods which are more or less flat and straight-sided, or slightly constricted between seeds.

Tuesday, 08 January 2019 15:41

Devil's beard | Centranthus ruber

This perennial has stems 30-80cm tall with blue-green oval to lance-shaped leaves. The stems are often woody at the base. Flowers are usually deep pink to magenta, but sometimes white. Native to Mediterranean Europe.

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