Terrestrial Invasives

Acacia elata

Acacia elataPepper tree wattle

Common Name 
Pepper tree wattle
Legal Status 
Target Species

A large, oval shaped thornless evergreen tree 12-18m tall, native to Australia. Pale yellow or cream globular flower heads appear in panicles from October to December and trees produce 4-17cm long seed pods which are more or less flat and straight-sided, or slightly constricted between seeds.

Growth form
Where does this species come from? 
Native to the coastal and tableland districts of central and northern New South Wales of Australia, but has also naturalised to the West Coast (Perth). Global spread now include South Africa, New Zealand and the USA (California).
Why is it a problem? 
Acacia elata is a fast growing, profusely seeding, long lived species invading mostly urban open spaces, roadsides, fynbos and forest clearings. Competes with and replaces indigenous species, reducing species richness and diversity.
Means of reproduction? 
Seed is spread via ants, birds, wind and water, as well as garden waste and contaminated soil transportation.