Aquatic Invasives

Aquatic Invasives

Aquatic weeds are plants found in different types of water bodies - rivers, dams, lakes, irrigation canals and hydro-electric installations. They can be free floating (water hyacinth, water lettuce, Kariba weed, salvinia), floating, attached (yellow water lilies, alligator weed), submerged (dense water weed, hydrilla, cabomba) or emergent (water cress). Nutrient enriched water enhances the growth of aquatic weeds, for example water hyacinth mats can double in size every 7 – 14 days under such conditions. The prolific growth of aquatic weeds under poor water quality conditions in the City of Cape Town poses serious challenges to managers.

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Project News

On-going efforts bear fruit

The Kader Asmal aquatic weed control and river clean-up programme on the Black River started in February 2012. The initial phase of the programme was to remove the dense water hyacinth infestation...