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Acridotheres tristis

Acridotheres tristisCommon Myna

Common Name 
Common Myna
Legal Status 
Emerging Species

The common myna (Acridotheres tristis) is an invasive bird indigenous to India, as well as central and southern Asia. Medium-sized birds, brown with a shiny black head and shoulders. The bill and patch of bare skin around the eyes are bright yellow with the legs and feet a slightly duller yellow. White wing patches are visible in flight. The tail is black with a white tip. These birds are common in urban areas and farmland close to buildings. It nests in man-made structures or tree cavities and may oust native species to do so. 

Common Myna in flight - photo taken by Warren Schmidt
Common Myna juvenile - photo taken by Warren Schmidt
Common Myna - photo taken by Warren Schmidt
Where does this species come from? 
The Common myna is a native of India, east and west Pakistan and Burma
Why is it a problem? 
Common mynas are aggressive and compete for the same resources as indigenous birds. They are also known to eat the eggs and attack the fledglings of other birds.
Means of reproduction? 
Pairs of Common Myna stay together year after year, and keep the same territory. Each pair usually raises two broods a year.