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Wasp booking procedure

Wasp booking procedure

The two invasive wasps that were causing havoc in Cape Town last summer are waking up from their winter dormancy. The City of Cape Town’s Invasive Wasp Control (CCT-IWC) Project is up and running to keep them at bay. Here’s what you can do if you want assistance from the CCT-IWC project with this pest:

The invasive wasps now have thier own online reporting tool separate from the Spotter network. The new tool offers a sleeker, more efficient method recording your sightings information and also distributing it to operators on the ground. This eliminates the need for back and forth communicating which improves the Invasive Wasp Control projects response times.

If you wish to report an invasive wasp problem, please go to and follow the prompts, starting with which wasp you've spotted (choose by selecting one of the 4 pictures on the home page). When uploading the report, please let us know whether you live in a complex or not and if you do, add the complex managers details if possible. Remember, the Invasive Wasp Control Project does not remove indigenous wasps or bees and will not assist with reports for them so please be sure that what you've spotted is indeed one of the invasive wasp species.

For more information on how the new Invasive Wasp reporting tool works, please see the USER GUIDE where all the steps for uploading a sighitng are listed.

Wasp User guide