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Invasive wasps in Cape Town: How to report wasps and how we operate

Invasive wasps in Cape Town: How to report wasps and how we operate

Please note: We now have new booking procedure for Invasive wasp control. Please see the new procedure at

For a Diagram of the step by step process please click here

Spotter Network (preferred and faster method):

If you would like assistance from the Invasive Wasp Control Team you can register as a Spotter on and upload your sighting. Click on the Register button on the top right of the screen, and follow the prompts. Once registered, you will be able to upload sightings on (not just of wasps but any of the EDRR species – have a look, you may have some of these in your neighbourhood!). When uploading a sighting, you do not need to add a picture or GPS coordinates (you can skip the first step in the uploading process). The main information we need is the address of the sighting (where you spotted the invasive species), but feel free to add any additional information that might assist us in finding the nests (e.g. on the Wendyhouse and under the garage roof). Also, when marking the location on the map, please zoom in to be as accurate as possible and do not mark multiple spots on the same property (even if there are multiple wasp nests), rather add the number of nests in the “Estimated Number” section, in the next step. Once you’ve completed your sighting, please bear with us, as we are dealing with a large amount of requests for this service and it may take a few days before we follow up with you.


If you cannot or do not want to use the Spotter system, you may send an e-mail to Please make the e-mail subject “Wasps & your suburb” and include your full address (number, street and suburb) as well as a map on how to get to your location and a contact number in the mail. If possible, also add the days in the week which you are available, to streamline the booking process. As with the Spotter system, you may have to wait a while before we can assist you.

If you’ve spotted the wasp in a complex, business park, school or any such large area, we request that you stipulate this in your sighting. Also, please include the contact details (e-mail and phone) of the manager/managing agent. We will then try and arrange access to the entire complex/business park/school to remove as many nests in the area as possible. In cases like this we book the team for an entire day, and these are often schedules for Saturdays, if it suits the residents/owners.


Kindly note, sightings and requests logged via the Spotter Network ( will be addressed quicker than emails sent, due to the fact that the Spotter Network assists in the planning and scheduling process.



Kindly note, that should you call the office to request removal, we will advise you to log the sighting on the website. We are inundated with phone calls and cannot call people back.


At some point we will contact you, via e-mail, to decide upon a date and time for your appointment. It will be during a week day between 08:00 and 16:00. You have to confirm the date and time for your appointment. We will not make the appointment without your full consent. You will be allocated a time slot in which the team will attend to your sighting, usually an hour.

Wasp Removal:

The team will then visit your premises and, in that hour, spray and remove the nests you’ve spotted as well as search more. They use a Imoprothrin: Pyrethroid based insecticide which is not harmful to Vertebrates. We advise that you stay indoors or at least a safe distance from the team while they work.

Should the wasps return at a later stage, the process starts from the top again.