Terrestrial Invasives

Rivina humilis

Rivina humilisRivina, Bloodberry

Common Name 
Rivina, Bloodberry
Legal Status 
Emerging Weed

A perennial groundcover native to North America, growing to 30-80cm high with woody stems at the base and spreading branches that are softly downy when young. This plant has light green, thin leaves and white or greenish to rosy small flowers on slender racemes from October to June, or even all year and produces bright red berries. The leaves, roots and fruit and poisonous.

Growth form
Where does this species come from? 
Native to North, Central and South America, from Argentina to Southern USA.
Why is it a problem? 
Rivina humilis is fast-growing, shade-tolerant and competes with indigenous vegetation. Certain parts of the plant are also poisonous. It invades mostly forests, riverbanks and urban open spaces.
Means of reproduction? 
This species reproduces through seed.