Terrestrial Invasives

Melaleuca hypericifolia

Melaleuca hypericifoliaRed flowering tea tree

Common Name 
Red flowering tea tree
Legal Status 
Emerging Weed

A multiple branched large shrub or small tree from New South Wales in Australia that grows up to 4,5m tall. It is erect at first and then spreading. Very firm papery to corky bark and the oblong leaves occur in opposite pairs. Small orange-red flowers are borne on showy, dense spikes from spring to early summer.

Where does this species come from? 
The invasive Melaleuca hypericifolia is native to Australia.
Why is it a problem? 
Invades moist fynbos and competes against indigenous species such as proteas. It also has the potential to alter the natural ecosystem functioning.
Means of reproduction? 
By seed. May regrow from stump if damaged.