Terrestrial Invasives

Bryophyllum delagoense

Bryophyllum delagoenseChandelier plant

Common Name 
Chandelier plant
Legal Status 

Bryophyllum delagoense (commonly known as Chandelier plant or Mother-of-Millions) is an erect, hairless succulent perennial originating from Madagascar. Growing from 30cm to 1.2m in height, its stems are pinkish-brown to greyish in colour. The leaves are shaped like a pencil, pale green to pale brown in colour, with dark green patches and a shallow groove on the upper surface. There are up to seven projections at the tip of each leaf which when broken off can develop into new plants. Competes with indigenous species and is very poisonous to humans and animals. Its flowers are orange-red in colour and group in a cluster at the top of a single stem. It flowers in June and July.

Where does this species come from? 
Native to Madagascar.
Why is it a problem? 
Succulents are highly tolerant of dry conditions and shallow or infertile soils. They may invade areas of rocky outcrop, displacing indigenous or endemic plants which are confined to such sites. They may also spread into open forest and grassy remnant vegetation but are unlikely to invade very shady or wet sites.
Means of reproduction? 
The mother-of-millions spreads prolifically by producing thousands of small plantlets produced at the leaf tips.