Terrestrial Invasives

Anredera cordifolia

Anredera cordifoliaMadeira vine

Common Name 
Madeira vine
Legal Status 
Target Species

Common name: Madeira vine (English), Madeira-ranker (Afrikaans), Intandela (Zulu), Alternative common names: Bridal wreath, Lamb’s tails, Cascade creeper, White shroud, Potato vine

Madeira vine is a creeper from South America with wide, fleshy, waxy heart-shaped leaves, bright green in colour. It produces fragrant creamy spikes, about 10cm long with numerous individual small flowers resembling a lamb’s tail. Flowering period: Feb-May. This creeper produces tubers (5mm-25cm) light-brown or green potato-like tubers along the stem, which fall to the ground and sprout. If not controlled properly, this species can cause substantial ecological damage by smothering indigenous vegetation.

Madeira vine flowers
Madeira vine smothering milkwoods in Noordhoek
Madeira vine seeldings from fallen tubers
Madeira vine flowers
Where does this species come from? 
Subtropical South America
Why is it a problem? 
This vigorous climbing plant is a very heavy vine and can smother trees, shrubs and understorey causing them to collapse. This weed is very difficult to control due to its prolific tuber production.
Means of reproduction? 
Vegetative growth through aerial tubers, which once they hit the ground, can take root.