Terrestrial Invasives

Acacia stricta

Acacia strictaHop Wattle

Common Name 
Hop Wattle
Legal Status 
Emerging Weed

An erect or spreading shrub or tree 3-6m tall native to Australia. The bark smooth and flowers appear from July to October. Seed pods are more or less straight, raised over seeds, straight-sided, usually 4-10cm long, 2-5mm wide, papery to thinly leathery.

Flowers & leaves
Growth form
Where does this species come from? 
Native to Australia, mainly along the south-eastern coastline (New South Wales, Victoria Coast) as well as Tasmania.
Why is it a problem? 
Acacia stricta is a fast growing, profusely seeding, drought resistant species, invading mostly watercourses, disturbed land, plantation gaps and roadsides. It impacts on native vegetation mainly by competing with – and replacing – the native species, lowering species richness.
Means of reproduction? 
Spreads with high amounts of seed production, distributed by strong wind or through human activities (clothes, cars, soil transport).